Singapore, a former British colony, fell to the Japanese on 15 February 1942 in World War II (WW2). There are many valuable lessons to be learnt from history, yet its importance is often relegated or forgotten by future generations.
I wanted to create a series of photographic work that piques the curiosity of viewers and promote awareness that we should not take peace and prosperity for granted.
Historical WW2 aggressors in the form of soldiers were juxtaposed into modern Singapore represented by notable Singaporean landmarks—Changi Airport, Dragon Playground and Gardens by the Bay—as they travel through the rip in space-time continuum and unleash devastation in the contemporary landscape.
LEGO was chosen as a medium to create another set of juxtaposition, where LEGO as a 'fun' and 'playful' medium meets the severity and sombreness of WW2.
I sourced for custom made minifigures of the historical WW2 soldiers, down to the detail of differentiating the different ranks through the use of different uniform and weapons. Then, I sourced for the different Singaporean landmarks released for commemoration of Singapore's Golden Jubilee (SG50).
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